Invest in Music Quality for Improved Productivity

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Productivity, it’s the catch phrase that just won’t die. Why is everyone so obsessed with this phrase and what does it actually mean? Well, we’re diving in to find out the essence of what it means to be productive as well as how we as individuals might going about boosting our own productivity!

Productivity Defined

Productivity at its simplest is just a matter of doing something constructive in as efficient manner as possible. This means productivity can be applied to all types of jobs across all types of industries, from white collar office work to blue collar manual labor. No matter what the task at hand, the pursuit of optimizing the efficiency in which it is carried out is all about “productivity”.

There are many things that can both hinder and aide in increasing productivity. For example, having a distraction like a television running while you are trying to work will hinder it. However, having zero distractions or a cup of coffee to keep you energized may increase it.

So then, if our ultimate goal is to increase our individual efficiency, what can we do outside of eliminate distractions to get on the right track and work “smarter”?

Music as a Work Booster

It’s been long known that music can play a huge role in increasing one’s productivity. For example, loud sporadic music can be considered a distraction however soft background music like soft jazz or chill house can actually help calm and individual and help them to work even more efficiently.

Of course, for music to be experienced properly you need good speakers or headphones to transmit to your ears! This means if you want to use music as a productivity booster then you’ll want to invest in a quality pair. You can find headphones of all types, over-ear, on-ear, in-ear most electronics stores like Best Buy or online on sites like Amazon as well.

If you’re having trouble deciding what type would be best for you, for example, what headphones work best in offices and what headphones work best in noisy cafes, you should probably research expert sites like or other similarly industry-specific knowledge databases.

Below is a sample of the most optimized genres of music that are scientifically formulated to help optimized your brain waves and thus make you work more efficiently. The mix below is cleverly called “The Work Beats” because it’s designed specifically to be listened to while you’re at work!

Of course, don’t forget, listening to music while working may not be for everyone. Some people operate best in calm and quiet environments like libraries or studies. For these people we recommend investing in a nice simple pair of earplugs.

If you do like music however, there are literally millions of songs to choose from.

Business Insider has a whole list of music that they figure to help increase productivity. Try giving it a listen. Also let us know what music you prefer to listen to while working in the comments below!