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As search engine optimization or SEO is becoming a more common practice, its importance grows and its continued use becomes more essential. SEO is a practice that enables web sites to be placed at the top of the first page of any search relevant to the site’s products or services and as this obviously affords a business’s web site a better chance of increasing sales, many business web sites now make use of SEO specialists.

In the past when there were just a few web sites dealing with each type of business, SEO wasn’t really necessary but as the number of sites increased, some sites were being relegated to appearing on the 3rd or 4th page of any searches, affording them little opportunity to attract extra business. So it was the appearance of billions of web sites that spawned the need for SEO, affording a business the chance of once more getting back to the first page of search listings.

It soon became clear though, that one time SEO intervention for a site was not always enough as, as the search engine owners considered SEO a manipulation of their search engines, they often change the criteria with which an engine uses to compile its lists. This meant that even if a site had used SEO to reach the top of the search listings, once the engine’s criteria were changed, the site’s ranking may also change, once again placing on the 3rd or 4th page.

Now in order for a web site to attain 1st page ranking and maintain it, SEO consultants need to be hired on a long term basis in order to advise site owners of when changes in the engine criteria occur and advise then as to what action needs to be taken in order to maintain its high ranking. One other aspect of SEO has also become apparent. Generally SEO practices are valid and effective internet wide but as some engines may use certain, specific criteria for specific localities, knowledge of the local area’s criteria can be a distinct advantage in some instances.


Therefore when the owner of a business located in San Diego is looking to apply SEO practices to their web site, they may specifically look for a top San Diego SEO consultant as opposed to a consultant located elsewhere.

Recently the need for a continued relationship with an SEO consultant became abundantly clear when Google, in their ever continuing pursuit of excellence, drastically changed the criteria with which their engines carry out searches. Known as Panda, these new search engines can place some sites that were top of the rankings, far lower down the list. Although there can be little doubt that the change may improve the quality of participating web sites, web sites that do not make the necessary changes may find that their sites are not placed anywhere near the top of searches made by these engines and of course, the business which those sites had once attracted will soon disappear.