Long Tail Pro

component-store keyword research

Long Tail Pro (LTP) is new software which helps you to choose the best keywords for use on your website. If you are a business and you have a website, the idea of that website is to hopefully attract more customers. In order for the website to attract customers though, it must first be seen by potential customers and that is where keywords come into play. In order to try and ensure that their website does get visitors, many businesses hire specialists who are referred to as SEO specialists.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is basically different strategies which are used to make your website more visible to the search engines and also those people online. The main SEO strategy used is the strategic placement of keywords. What this basically does is make the website more visible to the search engines so they place the website at the top of its list of search results.

This works well in attracting visitors to a website as if SEO was not used, the website may be listed as number 100 and never therefore be seen. However, SEO has been around for a while now and so your competitors may also be using it and so the two of you may have your websites still vying for the top position on a search engine’s list. The original idea of using keywords was to use popular keywords so that as many people as possible would visit the website however, not all of those visitors.

A new strategy, which is known as the long tail strategy, uses not such popular keywords but keywords which are more specific. Although by doing this you may not attract so many visitors to your website, a higher percentage of them are likely to become customers and so the end result could be the same.

The idea of software such as LTP is to advise you as to the usefulness of different keywords and if they can be classed as common keywords or long tail keywords. As with other software though, LTP does cost money but there is a LTP discount code you can use to make some savings on that cost and, check around as many places offer a 10 day free trial of LTP.

As the internet becomes more and more popular as the place to shop, both for companies and for individuals, if a business wants to stay effective and competitive, it must make use of all the strategies available. Today it is estimated that when someone wants to buy anything, 60% of them look online first before looking elsewhere.

This means that if your business is not seen by that 60%, you are potentially losing customers or certainly not gaining new ones anyway. It is not only enough today to have a website; today that website has to be attractive, visible and updated at regular intervals. Your home page, the page which the search engine’s direct visitors to, is the new shop window and so it has to look good to be effective.